The shadow 

It’s always with you.

It’ll never leave your side

No matter sometimes it may become imperceptible.

But wherever you go, it’ll abide.
Akin to the way your loved ones

are always beside you

No matter in which direction you go

 No matter where the wind got you blew…

Opportunity cost of love

Love and sacrifice are twins,love being a little elder.

It’s all about sacrificing….
Sacrificing for the ones you love.

It may be as small as a piece of cake or window seat or as large as your luxury car that you’ve been saving for.

It can be as apparent as letting other take hold of everything you own. And as vague as letting go of the overtime salary to steal some moments of love.

Whether or not to sacrifice depends on our judgement of whether it’s worth it?
Whether the sound of your giggling child is worth an extra hour of golf?
Whether the hug of your brother is worth the new video game?

As we say in economics, opportunity cost is always there. The idea of opportunity cost of love may seem whimsical but is always hidden in the moment.

Whatever we choose, if we’ll follow our hearts…there’ll be no rooms for any regrets.
The sacrifice done with a pious feeling can’t bring second thoughts.

So if you’re ready to love, you’ll have to be ready to sacrifice. 

This is the first time I’ve really really felt like writing about me…apart from some rarely rhyming and sparsely heart touching poems and thoughts, today I feel the urge to write about me.

I’ve always been a reserved kind of person. Not an introvert though, because I talk literally a lot. But I seldom stepped out of the house. I’ve always been a kind of student whose routine was school-home-school-home…with only a few interactions with the world outside, world that’s full of grey people. Some might be more inclined to the white side and others to the black. The world whose preconceptions might be alluring 

But now that the school is over, I think now it’s the time to face “the world”.For some it might not be a big change, but for me it’s going to be huge…huge step. I just wanna wish myself luck because I know I’ll the only person accompanying myself throughout the journey. 

A smile

A smile is all it takes to make someone’s day

A smile is it takes to smoothen the way .

The human heart ,though pretends to be strong, but is indeed very fragile

And the ion to melt it is known as smile

A smile greets everyone with the same celebrations

It doesn’t fall a prey into man made discriminations.

So smile as often as you can

And let the happy journey began.